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New Caesarverse Game Disrupting GameFi Market With Multiplayer Gladiators Battle

Gaming has long been touted as one of the most appropriate use cases for blockchain-based technology.

Integrating a distributed ledger into the game’s engine would enable gamers to own their experience instead of having to rely on a third-party provider to safe keep it for them.

Moreover, assuming title over in-game assets would also enable users to freely trade and swap them, putting a lot more meaning into spending countless hours on progressing characters.

Over the past year and a half, blockchain gaming is finally starting to see some considerable interest, although a lot of the projects lack multiple features to even compete with traditional gaming. But others are working tirelessly to change this.

CaesarVerse, a Roman-themed open-world game set to incorporate Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements, is creating something new in the lucrative GameFi market. The $9 billion GameFi market is expected to grow to $75 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 23%.

While most games are focused primarily on rewards, CaesarVerse is offering educational components that will serve in the sense of practical utility, such as university students who want an immersive experience to truly understand this era.

It also attracts Web3 gamers interested in group combat in a classical context. Most existing games offer this only in sci-fi or fantasy environments.

CaesarVerse To Offer Novel Multiplayer Combat

One of the reasons MOBAs are the most popular game genres of all time is due to the 5vs5 gameplay. It makes it more interesting and introduces social elements to the games. While not strictly a MOBA in the traditional sense of the word, CaesarVerse provides this multiplayer gameplay but also serves to build on it in certain ways and deliver value through numerous other mechanisms.

CaesarVerse is introducing a rank structure for legionary combat; a high-rank player can command other players. These players get XP boosts for obeying the orders of the higher-ranked player. While the demo release will consist only of gladiatorial combat within an arena, this ranked combat will be introduced upon full release, likely in late 2023 or early 2024.

NFTs within the CaesarVerse can be used as weapons for combat. This assists in the Gamification aspect, where these NFTs can be exchanged for tokens or other NFTs. NFTs can take the form of various weapons but also of things such as scrolls, amulets, books, ornaments, or various items that contribute to the gameplay.

What Exactly Is CaesarVerse?

Games can be hard to pin into a certain category as developers can create games that take features from different genres, effectively creating hybrids. This issue is compounded when you account for the fact that play-to-earn games are incorporating so many different models and features that have little to no precedence.

CaesarVerse will be an Assassins Creed/Skyrim-type open-world environment but with the inclusion of group combat, in-game NFT assets, RTS components, a classical-era theme, and more. CaesarVerse gameplay will be in third person.

Yet while Skyrim is built on imaginary cultures and environments, CaesarVerse is focused on real-world education and history. So the groups and places encountered will blend actual historical events and real cultures. Picking up a book in Skyrim can lead you down a rabbit hole based on fictitious events. But a book in the CaesarVerse could have real-world context.

The two founders, Max Foody and Colin Helm have spent time researching Roman history as a passion. The CaesarVerse can be deployed as an educational tool for further research as well as for its engaging gameplay. They are building a historically accurate open-world experience that enables players to own in-game assets with a focus on education. This is largely unprecedented in terms of Web3 gaming.

The Inspiration Behind The CaesarVerse

While most Web3 games place an overemphasis on rewards, the CaesarVerse places equal emphasis on the educational component by providing an immersive experience. This was actually the main inspiration behind the project. According to CaesarVerse CEO Max Foody:

“Similar to learning a language, the best method is to experience the culture and immerse yourself in it. Obviously, this is a bit difficult when society reached its peak 2,000 or so years ago. We look to use the technology of the future to rebuild the past, and with advances in VR and other technologies, we believe that we can revolutionize the classroom.”

The founders are aiming to blend Roman mythology with historical facts and to strike a balance between fun and learning. This could serve as a superior alternative to a deprecated learning method in classrooms that is not immersive or enjoyable. The ethos of the project is that learning is much enhanced through enjoyable gameplay.

Along with the educational aspect, it’s also possible to buy land and property in the CaesarVerse, like any other Metaverse. So gamers will have rewards, entertainment, and education in one ecosystem.

The CaesarVerse Launch

Though CaesarVerse is currently in the early stages, it is laying the groundwork to truly disrupt the burgeoning GameFi market by targeting a specific class of classical-era gamers who are underserved.

The mint is taking place in January 2023, when users can purchase a Genesis NFT. Gladiators and Ludus upgrades are available in the initial mint.

However, you don’t actually need an NFT to play the game itself.

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