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Anime-Inspired Andrometa Metaverse will Soon Feature ‘We Are The Outkast’ Characters 

Non-fungible tokens took the cryptocurrency industry, and perhaps the whole world, by storm in 2021. 

The concept of being able to verifiably own digital art was quickly expanded through a broad variety of spectrums, and online gaming became the clear-cut fit for non-fungible tokens. The idea that users can own their in-game assets and even characters became powerful enough to spur the growth of an ecosystem that’s only growing. 

Another powerful concept that sees massive interest is that of the metaverse – a digital world outside the boundaries and constraints of our physical reality. Andromeda is an anime-inspired metaverse and it’s on the brink of introducing an exciting new development.

Andrometa’s metaverse, developed by MNNT, will soon feature the first NFT-powered and user-controlled anime series, We Are The Outkast. Every character in the series will be represented by an NFT, and the holder of the token will be able to influence what happens to the tokenized character in every episode and even write bits of the plot themselves. 

Thus, MNNT combines blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse in order to provide viewers with an unprecedented level of control over the plot of their favorite anime.

MNNT Ecosystem

The MNNT team developed a comprehensive ecosystem based on their proprietary NFT interoperability protocol that turns Andrometa into a true metaverse – not only in name but in practice.

Andrometa itself is a virtual world powered by the Unreal Engine that uses HARDS tokens as the metaverse’s primary currency. There are multiple planets, countries, and cities in Andrometa where users can buy and trade plots of virtual land. 

There is also a fighting game – Meta Smash Fighters – and multiple NFT collections with characters and other in-game assets. Moreover, due to the API and toolkits provided by MNNT, other developers will be able to easily integrate their games into the Andrometa metaverse. 

Soon, this plethora of media will be joined by the anime series We Are The Outkast. Every character in the series is represented by NFTs from the We Are The Outkast collection that is already sold out, and tokens from it are traded on the Andrometa marketplace and other NFT trading platforms. Since NFT holders have partial rights to the characters, they will be able to direct the plot of every episode by voting and spending some $HARDS.

Why Anime?

The CEO of MNNT, Michael Christine, gives a pretty straightforward answer:

“The Andrometa founding team is made up of four die-hard anime, sci-fi, and fantasy fans with decades worth of combined viewership. The inspiration for the NFT artwork comes from anime, Star Wars and Steampunk, and the lore behind the Andrometa metaverse is no different.”

However, there is certainly more to this. Anime is not only passionate but also a pretty clever choice of inspiration for a blockchain-based metaverse.

Its flashy and beautiful art style trumps pixel and voxel art typical for play-to-earn projects. Thus, Andrometa gains a significant competitive advantage simply due to how good the virtual world looks.

Unique ideas and experiments in anime are encouraged more than in any other media. Basically, artists and writers working on Andrometa have great freedom in both artwork and themes that are explored. This opens up great possibilities for further development of the metaverse.

Popularity among tech enthusiasts is another reason. The proliferation of anime in the western world made it into a global phenomenon, but it is worth remembering that anime is especially popular among techies. There are many reasons for that, starting with Japan being synonymous with “high-tech” in the 90s and 2000s. And blockchain technologies and GameFi products are also extremely popular among techies. Thus, anime and GameFi are just too powerful a combination to ignore.

What is We Are The Outkast about?

It’s difficult to disclose the plot of the upcoming series, especially given that the NFT holders can influence it directly. However, we can talk about the setting. 

We Are The Outkast is set on the Kuier continent that has been conquered by the imperialistic Durashan Federation. The Federation maintains the facade of innovation and benevolence, but in practice, it brutally subjugates conquered nations and imposes rigid class systems designed to benefit the native races of the Federation. This situation naturally creates plenty of tension, causing inevitable resistance and setting the field for a great story with plenty of drama and action.

With the release of We Are The Outkast, Andrometa aims to become the first true metaverse on the market – it would be much more than just “a game with a few extra features;” it will merge multiple, diverse media forms and unite them in a single virtual world.

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